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Set in a loosely reimagined 1600s Holland, Rona is a feature film project that follows the struggles of two sisters growing up in poverty and trying to survive as they work in a rundown bakery. The title "Rona" comes from the name of the bakery's oven that they bond with and will become their imaginary surrogate mother.
The tone is of a fairy tale — not an obvious one with dragons guarding treasures and princes who save the day, but instead a fairy tale set much further back in a forgotten back alley, a grayer place where the enchantment is far more subtle, and more deeply resonant.
Our aesthetic aim is the same as with Precarious, to build all the sets, props, costumes, and physical miniatures to give the story a very personal hand-made charm without relying heavily on somewhat distancing computer generated imagery. The possibilities inherent in building this world and filling it with interesting people has us very excited.
Production is scheduled to start soon and we're aiming to finish by the end of next year.
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